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imaginary_iby has an awesome series about Gibbs and Abby having a daughter together. These are two of my faves:

Sixteen Hours
Abby worries that her baby might be deaf and that Gibbs doesn't want either of them.
Gen/Angst (Gibbs/Abby)

A series of Lila vignettes.
Gen, Gibbs/Abby

If you go here and scroll down there are about 20 fics in the same verse. It's the section labeled "Pregnancy and Lila Fics:

Thanks, I'll look it over to add at the next update

After the Storm by Annie is one where Tony has a kid. It's a serious serious tearjerker though. Like, a whole box of tissues and a pint of ben and jerrys.

The fic labelled in this post as "And they didn't die, well, not for long" is actually called "Come On Storm Let's Form A Cloud", which is present in the fic-body in all-caps after the Author's Notes and is what it's listed as on the author's Stories page.

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