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Theme: Injury

What belongs in this list?
Stories in which our intrepid heros are injured, but expected to recover and not suffer permanent disability.
This can include: Falls, gunshots, knife-wounds, head-wounds, etc.

What doesn't belong: Injuries that cause permanent disability (wheelchair, blindness, etc.) or illness

Winter Wonderland by Lizabeth S. Tucker
Summary:Tony should have known better than to think he could have an uneventful vacation
Complete, GEN

Moby Dick by Cold Ember
Summary:What if Mike Franks had hit Tony just a little harder
Complete, GEN

Collision Course by Jumpfall
Summary: A coffee break turns dangerous when half the team is taken hostage
Complete, GEN

Angels and Heroes by Kikkimax
Summary: An old case takes a new twist that leaves Tony's life in the balance
Complete, GEN

The Yankee by BlueMoonDuchess
Summary: Family is everything
Complete, GEN

A day to remember by Richefic
Summary:McGee makes a rookie mistake and Tony pays the price.
Complete, GEN

Watching Your Six by Richefic
Summary: When an unexpected death means Tony has to face his estranged father Gibbs is determined that he won't have to fight this battle alone
Complete, GEN

Good Wives Club Alt Ending by Rather
Summary: Alternate end to Good Wives Club 2x02
Complete, GEN

Gigolo by Kikkimax
Summary: A dead marine in an Armani suit means someone is going undercover in a house of ill repute.
Complete, GEN

Rest Now by spoodlemonkey
Summary: There is a lot of blood in the human body. Tony knows because he has seen a lot of it in his line of work. A nice Injured!Tony confessing love to Gibbs story
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

The Lonely Wolf by Nikitaclone
Summary: Tony is attacked and turned into a werewolf. Lucky for him Gibbs is already one
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Hiding In Plain Sight by Xanthe
Summary: The NCIS team head to Atlantis to hunt down a serial killer. Set in Xanthe's BDSM universe where everyone is bisexual and identifies as either a sub or top. Character wise heavier on the NCIS side.
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs, HET, McGee/Ziva, Crossover-SGA

Rule Number 12 by Princess Nat
Summary:Sparks fly when Detective DiNozzo finds himself working with Special Agent Gibbs of NCIS after rescuing a young woman from her Marine abductor.
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Not a death story by Richefic
Summary: Set just prior to the series and explains the events behind Gibbs' comment in Marine Down about Tony having been declared dead and losing his security clearance.
Complete, GEN

Rapids by May
Summary: Tony and Gibbs go undercover for the FBI on a father son rafting trip. Along the way they come to a better understanding of their places in each others lives as well as catching the bad guys. Has a sequel
Complete, GEN

Safe Harbor by Richefic
Summary: Gibbs wasn't known for his patience with new recruits. But then he had never recruited anyone in the same circumstances as DiNozzo. Even so, the transfer from Baltimore PD to Washington NCIS doesn't exactly run smoothly.

Putting Together The Pieces by Lady Anne
SUMMARY: When Tony and McGee are in an accident, they have to work together to get out alive.
Complete, GEN

Belonging by Settiai
Summary: It was at that moment that Timothy McGee realized that they really did consider him to be a member of team.
Complete, GEN

Precious Things by The Green Sheep
Complete, GEN

You Can Get Out Of The Car Now by Florance
Summary: Kate took her eyes off the suspect to stare at Gibbs, "Is Tony hurt?"
Complete, GEN

*NEW* April 7, 2009

It's Not the Fall, It's the Sudden Stop by Lizabeth S. Tucker
Summary: Missing Scene for Hung Out To Dry
Complete, GEN

What Would Gibbs Do by Norbert
Summary:DiNozzo leaves Gibbs in Mexico only to run into someone much scarier. Will Gibbs find him in time? Sequel to 'New Man'
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs, AU, Sequel to New Man

How Many Times by Ami Ven
Summary:"How many times you gonna pick me up, boss?" ficlet
Complete, GEN

Never Had by Zee Viate
Summary:When Tony is shot at a crime scene apparently protecting Gibbs the team have to not only find the man responsible but try and face the possibility of life without Tony

Fractured by Obsessed Pam
Summary:When Tony is badly injured helping a friend, his relationship with Gibbs may be fractured beyond repair.
Complete, GEN

In-Law by Pru
Summary:"I'm not the one that's been divorced three times boss." or the one where Tony is injured and Gibbs has to deal with his dad
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs
If you know of a story you think fits the theme please leave a comment.
Please keep in mind that all stories must be well written with decent grammar, be more than 500 words, complete or if a WIP well underway.
Make sure you include the following: Title, Author, Link, Summary, Complete/WIP, GEN, Slash, or HET(pairing between main chars), any Pairing if slash or het.


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