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Theme: Tony Whump aka Hurt Tony
Theme: Tony Whump

Because we do love to Whump our Tony

What belongs in this list?
Stories in which Tony is 'Whumped' (Also called Hurt!Tony Stories) aka suffers emotionally and/or physically for a significant portion of the story or his 'whumping'
the major point of the story.

Admin Note: This is not a comprehensive list by any means, this is just a selection of some of what I see as the best in the genra, suggestions for any I might Have missed are of course welcome

Winter Wonderland by Lizabeth S. Tucker
Summary: Tony should have known better than to think he could have an uneventful vacation
Complete, GEN

Slowburn by Super Em
Complete, GEN

Moby Dick by Cold Ember
Summary: What if Mike Franks had hit Tony just a little harder
Complete, GEN, AU

Collision Course by Jumpfall
Summary:A coffee break turns dangerous when half the team is taken hostage
Complete, GEN

The Yankee by BlueMoonDuchess
Summary:Family is everything

A day to remember by Richefic
Summary: McGee makes a rookie mistake and Tony pays the price.
Complete, GEN

Out for Blood by Sbgrrl
Summary: "You didn't tell me Bigfoot was real too" Supernatural/NCIS crossover with vampires
Complete, GEN, Crossover-Supernatural

Auld Laud Syn by nikitariddickdate
Summary:Child abuse cases hit Tony hard, Gibbs wants to find out why
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Good Wives Club Alt Ending by Rather
Summary: Alternate end to Good Wives Club 2x02
Complete, GEN, AU

Gigolo by Kikkimax
Summary: A dead marine in an Armani suit means someone is going undercover in a house of ill repute.
Complete, GEN

Angels and Heros by Kikkimax
Summary:Things go bad after Tony receives the yearly reminder of a case from his past that refuses to let him go
Complete, GEN, Sequel: Legends and Myths

The Jagged Heart by Kikkimax
Summary:Tony learns not everyone is as harmless as they first appear and suffers the consequences of an obsession gone too far.
Complete, GEN

Snap by Eoen
Summary: "Maybe it's like love, it can happen like *snap* that."
WIP, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

The Golden Chain by neichan
Summary: Slave fic
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Lost I: Losing You Lost II: The Lost Boy Lost III: Lost In Transit by Sim Spider
Summary:Ari's plan for revenge is not what anyone could have expected
Complete, GEN

"Andy" by Xanthe
Summary: When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to go on an emotional journey and face up to the events of a time long past. Like everything else by Xanthe, a wonderful read
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Rest Now
Summary: There is a lot of blood in the human body. Tony knows because he has seen a lot of it in his line of work. A nice Injured!Tony confessing love to Gibbs story
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibb

Home: Recovering From Undercover by Triskellion
Summary:Part of the Home Series. Tag for Undercover 3x08
In-Progress Series, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Wolf Pack by Nancy
Summary:Slash AU that has Gibbs, Tony, Ducky, and Kate as 'shifters'
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

Hiding In Plain Sight by Xanthe
Summary:The NCIS team head to Atlantis to hunt down a serial killer. Set in Xanthe's BDSM universe where everyone is bisexual and identifies as either a sub or top. Character wise heavier on the NCIS side.
Complete, Slash, HET, Tony/Gibbs, McGee/Ziva, Crossover-SGA

A Tale of Christmas Woe Barcardicider
Summary: As Christmas nears Tony is dealing with some family issues that affect how he views his work life. The team pulls together when they notice how miserable Tony is. Nice Gibbs confronting Tony's father scene.
Complete, GEN

Rule Number 12 by Princess Nat
Summary: Sparks fly when Detective DiNozzo finds himself working with Special Agent Gibbs of NCIS after rescuing a young woman from her Marine abductor.
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs, AU

Sanguis Inimicus by Lil Blue
Summary: A sailor is killed by a 'vampire' in New Orleans and the team head down to investigate. Too bad vampires happen to be Tony's biggest fear.
Complete, GEN

Rictus by Sequitor
Summary:Gibbs works with Detective DiNozzo of Baltimore PD to catch a child killer.
Complete, GEN

Decontamination by Sim Spider
Summary: What happened after the Navy picked up the team in Chimera
Complete, GEN

Fridays by Super Em
Summary: A serial rapist is stalking Baltimore night clubs. Abby is targeted and Detective DiNozzo saves her, this of course leads to Tony meeting Gibbs
Complete, GEN

Rapids by May
Summary: Tony and Gibbs go undercover for the FBI on a father son rafting trip.
Complete, GEN, Sequel

Safe Harbor by Richefic
Summary: Gibbs wasn't known for his patience with new recruits. But then he had never recruited anyone in the same circumstances as DiNozzo. Even so, the transfer from Baltimore PD to Washington NCIS doesn't exactly run smoothly.

*NEW* April 14

The Deepest Significance by bananacosmic
Summary: Whilst working on a case, Tony gets sick but pretends nothing is wrong. When Gibbs sends Tony and Ziva out to track the possible murderer, things take a turn for the worse.
Complete, slash, Gibbs/DiNozzo

The Raft of the Medusa by bananacosmic
Summary: Six days ago, Tony was kidnapped while tracking down a serial killer. With no clues on the murders and no clues on the kidnapping, the team is at wits end. But at the turn of the seventh day, Gibbs gets a visit from someone most unlikely – Tony.
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

If you know of a story you think fits the theme please leave a comment.
Please keep in mind that all stories must be well written with decent grammar, be more than 500 words, complete or if a WIP well underway.
Make sure you include the following: Title, Author, Link, Summary, Complete/WIP, GEN, Slash, or HET(pairing between main chars), any Pairing if slash or het.

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Yay! I love Tony whump so greatly appreciate this category *g*. I do love these thematic lists - they're really helpful and handy.

Really? you love Tony whump? I never would have guessed from your stories ;-)
Glad you enjoy the list, encouragement is always appreciated.

This list is going to get updated often, I bet. XD

(Thanks much! I wasn't expecting to find fics I hadn't read before, but I did.)

Oooooo! Thanks for this awesome list! I'm a newbie here and I really didn't know where to start looking for Tony whump stories and then you guys posted this list! Thank you!

I do have a rec to make that I think fits the bill nicely:

Precious Things by the_green_sheep

Recs are appreciated, and I'm glad you enjoyed the list. I hope that you take the time to check out some of the others and enjoy them just as much

Tooting my horn,

I write lots of Tony Whump, mostly case stories, all gen.

My ffnet page is here:

I also put these up on my website, sometimes with slight changes from the ffnet version:

The ffnet site is up-to-date, though, I still haven't uploaded the latest film noir story onto that.

/end self-promotion

And now I must check out the other stories, most of which I've already read, but not all. That makes me happy... new Hurt!Tony stories for me to read!

Self-promotion is always fine, specially when I already like your stories :-)
And glad that there are some new stories on here for you. Don't forget to check out the other lists under the Theme:Whump tag, while they are not Tony specific lists they are heavy on the Tony stories.

Well, my recs list is quite full of whump-the-Tony fics, if you want to check through that. Mostly slash.

Also, I'd say that at least The Deepest Significance of my own fits up there. Summary: Whilst working on a case, Tony gets sick but pretends nothing is wrong. When Gibbs sends Tony and Ziva out to track the possible murderer, things take a turn for the worse.
Complete, PG-13, slash Gibbs/DiNozzo

/end self-promotion, as previous poster wrote ^^

oh, oh. MUST put in Xanthe's Damage.

and in this WIP (maybe should go under AU, too), Tony gets migraines.

In The Dark
The team gets a case on a Sunday afternoon and Tony doesn't answer his phone. McGee goes to get him and gets confused instead. But Gibbs always knows the answer, right? Warnings for pain--and lots of it, but I'll make it all go away, eventually.
NCIS - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 9 - Words: 23,029 - Reviews: 218 - Updated: 2-4-10 - Published: 12-28-09 - Tony D.

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