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Theme: NCIS Agents As Parents
Theme: NCIS Agent as a Parent

What belongs on this list?
Complete Stories in which one of the main characters is a parent with an underage child

What is not here:
1)Kelly Gibbs stories
2)Tony is Gibbs real/adopted son

Ten Years On by Xanthe *personal rec*
Summary: McGee is Director of NCIS, Gibbs is raising a small child, and Tony is teetering on the brink of total self-destruction - a lot has happened in ten years… Extract: "Tony is out of control, Gibbs – you know it and I know it. One of these days he *will* get himself killed. I'm sure of it."
Complete, Past-HET, Slash, Tony/Gibbs, Past-Tony/Abby

Unexpected Happiness by writinginct
Summary: Tony gets a call that leads to many unexpected things: a daughter, a family, and happiness he never expected.
Complete, AU, GEN

Where Angels Fear to Tread by lila_blu
Summary: It takes serious illness to bring Gibbs and DiNozzo together. Tony has a son.
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

House of Cards by xdawnfirex
Series, Het & Slash, Tim/Kate/Tony, Gibbs/Abby

Tony's Family Grows By Two by Wgang16
Summary: The first story featuring the DiNozzo family is A Nasty Past Brings a Bright Future, then NCIS-Tony's Past Keeps Cropping Up and the last one was NCIS-Tony's Past Comes Full Circle. You might want to read those stories first as it introduces the family members.
Complete, Slash, Tony/Gibbs, AU

NO More Sick Days, And Jenny Makes Three, Till Death do us Part, and Now the fun Must end by Rednetra
Summary: Series in which Tony and Gibbs adopt children
Complete, Slash, HET, Tony/Gibbs, McGee/Ziva/Abby

Sawdust by Paragon Dragon
Summary: Tony reflects on what coffee and sawdust means to him, and how he and his loved one became one.
Series, Slash, Tony/Gibbs

And They Didn't Die, Well, Not For Long by 'k'
Summary:Tony said, "How did you get the DNA to do a paternity test on a six year old? Were you lurking outside her elementary school? Please tell me you didn't do a cheek swab on a 6 year old without her mother present. How do you not get arrested when you do that?"
Complete, GEN

Look After You by Christi
Summary:“Why do you have a baby, DiNozzo?” Tony laughed hollowly. “Well, I didn’t think leaving it in the hallway in front of my apartment was the best idea, Boss.”
Complete, GEN

If you know of a story you think fits the theme please leave a comment.
Please keep in mind that all stories must be well written with decent grammar, be more than 500 words, complete or if a WIP well underway.
Make sure you include the following: Title, Author, Link, Summary, Complete/WIP, GEN, Slash, or HET(pairing between main chars), any Pairing if slash or het.

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imaginary_iby has an awesome series about Gibbs and Abby having a daughter together. These are two of my faves:

Sixteen Hours
Abby worries that her baby might be deaf and that Gibbs doesn't want either of them.
Gen/Angst (Gibbs/Abby)

A series of Lila vignettes.
Gen, Gibbs/Abby

If you go here and scroll down there are about 20 fics in the same verse. It's the section labeled "Pregnancy and Lila Fics:

Thanks, I'll look it over to add at the next update

After the Storm by Annie is one where Tony has a kid. It's a serious serious tearjerker though. Like, a whole box of tissues and a pint of ben and jerrys.

The fic labelled in this post as "And they didn't die, well, not for long" is actually called "Come On Storm Let's Form A Cloud", which is present in the fic-body in all-caps after the Author's Notes and is what it's listed as on the author's Stories page.

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