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Theme: Father/Son Sub-Theme: Tony and Gibbs
Theme: Father/Son Sub-Theme:Tony and Gibbs

What belongs in this list?
Stories in which Tony and/or Gibbs views one or the other in a fatherly/son way.
This can include other characters commenting or thinking that the two of them are like family.

Internal Turmoil by Cosmic
Complete, GEN

Winter Wonderland by Lizabeth S. Tucker
Summary: Tony should have known better than to think he could have an uneventful vacation
Complete, GEN

Unanswered Prayers by Kaylashay
Summary: Unanswered prayers
Complete, GEN

What I always wanted for Christmas by Rosebud
Summary: It should have been an average run of the mill interview
Complete, GEN

Like Father, Like Son by Trivette Lover Heather
Summary: Father's Day cards
Complete, GEN

A son by any other name by Mrs Chaucer's Squire
Summary: "My son Tony plays that same game"
Complete, GEN

The Yankee by BlueMoonDuchess
Summary: Family is everything

Caring by Belker
Summary:A few months into her new employment Kate STILL doesn't get her new coworkers
Complete, GEN

Unlucky Punch by Princess Fi
Summary: He hadn’t known she was there. Using her oft-cited “ninja skills”, Ziva had come up behind Tony as they fooled around in the gym, and when he sensed a looming attack he spun around, and the back of his hand complete with knuckles and with the full weight of his body behind it, smacked her in the mouth.
Complete, GEN

Chance Encounter by Taylor Gibbs
Summary:On a snowy night in New York City, Gibbs meets a teenaged Tony DiNozzo and decides he wants to help the boy.

Protective Streak by Tears of Amiko
Summary:Gibbs's thoughts as he walked into the isolation room at Bethesda
Complete, GEN

Expieriance Teaches Slowly by Tears of Amiko
Summary:“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”
Complete, GEN

A Right to Anger by Tears of Amiko
Summary: Tag to Requiem because the author like so many of us loves to play with Tony's feelings.
Complete, GEN

Hope and Despair by Cosmic
Summary: The seconds after he saw Tony's car explode felt like ages to Gibbs.
Complete, GEN

Nick, Nora, and Cough Drops by James
Summary: Tony goes home feeling sick
Complete, GEN

A Tale of Christmas Woe
Summary: As Christmas nears Tony is dealing with some family issues that affect how he views his work life. The team pulls together when they notice how miserable Tony is. Nice Gibbs confronting Tony's father scene.
Complete, GEN

Sweet Child of Mine by Sim Spider
Summary: Gibbs eyes are opened to what he has.
Complete, GEN, Sequel

Looking At You by Sim Spider
Summary: Tag to Lost and Found; and sequel to Sweet Child of Mine.
Complete, GEN

Lost I: Losing You, Lost II: The Lost Boy, Lost III: Lost In Transit by Sim Spider
Summary: A fantastic trilogy. Tony becomes both Ari's instrument of revenge against Gibbs and a tool in a planned terrorist attack

How Do You Solve A Problem Like DiNozzo? Kaylashay
Summary: Gibbs thoughts on Tony over the years from the first case through Jeanne
Complete, GEN

Rapids by May
Summary:Tony and Gibbs go undercover for the FBI on a father son rafting trip. Along the way they come to a better understanding of their places in each others lives as well as catching the bad guys. Has a sequel
Complete, GEN, Sequel

Triad of Torment by May
Summary: sequel to Rapids. The case that brought Tony and Gibbs together has come back to haunt them both. Deals with events preseries

Safe Harbor by Richefic
Summary:Gibbs wasn't known for his patience with new recruits. But then he had never recruited anyone in the same circumstances as DiNozzo. Even so, the transfer from Baltimore PD to Washington NCIS doesn't exactly run smoothly.

Not a death story by Richefic
Summary:Set just prior to the series and explains the events behind Gibbs' comment in Marine Down about Tony having been declared dead and losing his security clearance.
Complete, GEN

Father's Day by Richefic
Summary: A short pre-series ficlet highlighting the relationship between Gibbs and DiNozzo
Complete, GEN

Duet by Richefic
Summary: The anniversary of his mother's death is always a difficult time for Tony. This year Gibbs finds his steady support brings an unexpected gift.
Complete, GEN

A day to remember by Richefic
Summary: McGee makes a rookie mistake and Tony pays the price.
Complete, GEN

Room at the Inn by Richefic
Summary: The days leading up to Christmas become a rollarcoaster of emotion as the team finds themselves stuck in a small town following a case
Complete, GEN

Watching Your Six by Richefic
Summary: When an unexpected death means Tony has to face his estranged father Gibbs is determined that he won't have to fight this battle alone
complete, GEN

Just a cough by Richefic
Summary: Tony swore it was just a cough
Complete, GEN

Taking Care by Richefic
Summary: After an unexpected accident, Tony has to face up to his own mortality and his unresolved feelings about how Kate died.
Complete, GEN

Fevered by Richefic
Summary: An injury and a fever lead to harsh words between Gibbs and Tony
Complete, GEN

What you see is not always what you get by Richefic
Summary“Hey, Boss,” His former senior field Agent greeted him easily, while he blithely ignoring the Sig still leveled in his direction. “I figured your cupboards would be bare, what with the termites and all, so I thought I’d order in. Got all your favorites.” tag for Escaped 4x02
Complete, GEN

Saving Gibbs by Richefic
Summary: “Always knew your driving would be the death of you, Boss.” He panted inside his head.
Complete, GEN

Langer by Richefic
Summary: Tony is upset. Gibbs doesn't know why. Tag to the S5 Episode 'Tribes'
Complete, GEN

Trust and Loyalty by Richefic
Summary: After the events of the season six episode "Capitol Offense" Gibbs is second-guessing himself.
Complete, GEN

If you know of a story you think fits the theme please leave a comment.
Please keep in mind that all stories must be well written with decent grammar, be more than 500 words, complete or if a WIP well underway.
Make sure you include the following: Title, Author, Link, Summary, Complete/WIP, GEN, Slash, or HET(pairing between main chars), any Pairing if slash or het.

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Suggested addition: Until Innocent by Zan65 on -> (it is also a Tony Whump!)

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